Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ashley's Speech & eartubes

So, we've been busy with a move this past month although doctor's appointments have not stopped. Ashley has been doing wonderful with her sign language and is gaining new words in her vocabulary daily. She just started a playgroup as well as speech & physical therapy a couple weeks ago and she absolutely LOVES it!! She is still shy around other people, but last week she did say a few words to other teachers besides myself, so she's warming up to the new atmosphere. She has class twice a week and gets excited before we go. I asked her the other day on the way there if she was excited to go to school and she said "play" so we're looking forward to watching her blossom in the weeks and months to come.
In the last month she's been to see her pediatric orthopedist who wrote a prescription for a MRI at my request, although I am a bit worried. I have spoken to some other mom's of lp ( thanks Tonya) and have set my mind more at ease about it so we'll schedule it soon. He did x-rays for the first time since she was born and doesn't see a concern with her kyphosis or her out-toeing as of yet, so we'll continue to monitor, especially if she continues not to walk. She's been so close for months and we can't figure if she just gets along so well without walking or if it's a confidence thing. Suppose she'll walk in her own time.
She's been back to the ENT for fluid in her ears and the nasonex isn't helping even though she's done a month of it so we're opting for the ear tubes because she is at such a crucial stage of development with hearing and speech we don't want to have her fall behind. The ENT also suggested reduction in her adnoids, but a very conservative approach, so we'll be scheduling the ent surgery soon too. We were really hoping not to have her sedated so young, but we've been very blessed to have been able to avoid it so far. So that's the latest update, whe I get more situated I'll look forward to catching up with everyones blogs.