Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What to Ear tubes & high fevers have in common

So that's my question. What is it with the ear surgeries? Some children do great, others have the hardest time with these.

Ashley has been doing great since her decompression surgery and had a failry quick healing with minimal fever afterward in comparision to ear tubes. We figures since this surgery ( last Monday) was just putting her tubes back in (because they had grown out in just 10 months) that it would be simple. Because she wasn't having her adenoids removed like the first time.

Poor thing had a 103.8 temp a few hours after surgery and almost got rushed to the ER, but the Dr. called in a script for a bacterial infection (becuase she had a double ear infection when she went in for surgery.) The infection in itself was crazy because 6 days earlier, she was at the ENT and got a clean bill of health, then comes the infection. It was so fast, plus there was already fluid build up behind her eardrum again.

Anyways, she is doing good now, we've been nursing her fever for a week and after the 5th day it was finally broke below 100, so all is well now and she'll go back to see her ENT tomorrow. She has a great ENT, Dr. Asha Downs, she is definitely a fav of all Ashley's specialists as far as personality, she is very down to earth and a Mom herself, so she is a good comforter with nervous parents. In fact, it looks like Little Man (Michael Jr) will be getting tubes soon too. He has had 5 or 6 ear infections since birth and he's only 16 months. Considering I breastfed him till he was 10 months old really shows an issue. I think my children have naturally shortened eustation tubes, guess they can thank me for the great genetics:o/

All in all though, all is getting better around here and the sicknesses are falling be the wayside as we get ready for the district 5 regional and National LPA in Nashville. So looking forward to getting back to my stomping grounds of TN and see my southern peeps!!!