Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow, I've been slacking on this blog

I have been so busy I have not done an update in 2 months...shame on me! Update on Ash, well she had her adenoid & ear tube surgery, let me just say, NOT a good week for her. She had a bit of a sinus infection going into it, but that was normal for her. If we waited until her nose stopped running, she would probably still not have had the surgery. The surgery went great, very quick no major complications, she was playing with her little bro & I later that day.Wow, I just realized I look like the one on anesthesia in that Anyhow, the next morning, OMG, never in my life have I ever seen a nose like that!!! As gross as it was I had to take a picture, it was unreal. She had a puddle almost 6 inches around on her pillow under her poor little nose. And yes, it was thick and connected to her pillow.
As the days started going past, her nose & eyes started swelling along with a 104 temp. I called the doctor and he said just give her tylenol,(which she hated!!) She managed to learn the trick of gargling and spitting it out. So I had to get crafty and give it to her when she was sleeping. Amazing how children have a natural reflex to swallow even if they're sleeping. So anyway once after I think the 3rd day post-op she woke up and looked like her eye would be swollen if we didn't get something for her. This time the doc ordered a script of antibiotics and she slowly got better.

So , now after all is done and the healing is done, it's been a couple months. She has been saying more words, she's expressing her self a lot better, and she is minding better, I think she can actually hear us now:) She is blossoming into such the little angel. She is such a ham around the camera and she knows she is cute:) She has really taken to books lately too, she LOVES to read. Especially after her surgery all she wanted to do was snuggle & read. She's so cute, she will point to a book and say "beeya" It is a cross between book and read. As many times as we repeat "book" to her, she still says Beeya. She loves the counting books, she doesn't pronounce the words, but she points and says "da" on each thing she points to with the cutest inflection in her voice.

She had an MRI a month later, and we should be hearing back from the ped ortho doc. soon. I had him take x-rays of her because of her out-toeing. I think it has something to do with her stability in not walking. We don't push her, she'll do it when she's ready. She just likes to show off sometimes and stand on her own and walk a few steps, just to see us get excited. It's like she says "ok, I'm gonna show off a little, but that's all you get" The most she has done at a time is 9 steps, besides that, she is content to crawl around or walk along the walls.
So that's about it on medical issues, basically she is doing great. Now, lets see if I can keep this up before another 2 months goes by. In my defense, since March, we've had a move, a triple birthday party, several doctors appts, (they are doing genetic testing on our newest little boy too) a weddign to plan for August and starting a new buisiness. Which I might add I will officially launch our grand opening after the wedding so I can be sure to keep up with things. Every last minute the kids don't need me seems to be spent making dresses, jewelry or flowers for the wedding. Although I'm rounding the corner, now that I just finished the twins dresses. Speaking of, I just have to show them off. We designed them exactly how they wanted them and they were this week's project, glad to have them done. Today I have to start Ashley's dress, then after that it will be Jr's tuxedo, of course in between I have to finish making the bridesmaid's jewelry and the clay and ribbon flowers for the bouquets. Busy, busy, but I love it!