Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ashley on the upswing after surgery

Well, Ashley has been doing pretty good since her surgery 6 weeks ago. Now that things are healing, we're getting a better idea of how things are. She had a post-op MRI on Monday, and you can definitely see the different, although even the doctor commented at her 3 weeks post-op that part of her foramen magnum had already grown back.

Occasionally she holds her neck even if she doesn't say boo-boo our "ouchie" she'll just walk around holding the back of her head, so we're hoping it is just soreness still and nothing more than that.

Sometimes she grabs her left knee and says boo boo, but that could be just because she's walking more now. She is so much more mobile now:o) She is starting to run a bit and she is the cutest when she dances. She does this adorable mix of twirl, booty bounce and ballet. She sees it all from her sisters (although I don't encourage the booty bounce) but she looks really cute doing it:o) I'll have to snag some video and post it.

Oh, and last night we were playing that song "I can only Imagine" and she stood there doing these little dips and movements with her hands and arms. Her big sister Autumn loves to do this song in sign language and even though she can't do all the signs, she tries to follow her sister and when the song came on, she just went right to it.

She's gotten so much older lately, she's pronouncing her sounds better, singing out of nowhere sometimes, adamant on brushing her teeth before her noon time nap now, and just being a "big girl" She can understand things so well, her comprehension skills are so good and we love when we tell her something and she says "otee" (O.K.)
I always have loved being a LP mom, but it seems I keep finding myself more and more just watching her in awe and loving every cute little thing she does:o)